Friday, April 18, 2008

Albertsons - This week

There's not a whole lot I am going to Albertson's for this week. If I was a baby food buyer I'd load up on that. (Does anyone want my coupons? makes them $.21 - $.22 - and $.28 a jar)

I'm looking at:
Zone Perfect nutrition bars - FREE
Colgate toothbrush - $.25
Frito Lay Stax (like Pringles) - $.80
Cinnamon Life Cereal - $.20
Quaker Breakfast Cookies - $.20
Quaker Chewy granola bites - $.70


Staci said...

Do you know how long baby food stores for. If it is a year or so I want them. Give me a call when I can come and get your coupons. Thanks
Staci P

Care said...

I asked a friend about the baby food and she said hers had 2009 and 2010 dates. I haven't purchased baby food forever. I'll clip them for you just in case.

Speakman Family said...

I would love any ZONE, toothbrush, Stax. or baby food coupons. How long are the ads good for????

Speakman Family said...

I don't know why it went in with this blog.... he he.... this is Jan

angie b said...

Yipee Carrie.. great site!