Monday, April 28, 2008

This week at Smiths

Subtotal: $124.24
FreshValues: ($48.71)
Coupons: ($40.00)
Total Cost: $35.53 A total savings of $88.71

8 Fruit Snacks/Gushers $.75 * 3 Purex Liquid Detergent (32 loads) $1.50 * 4 Sunchips $1.46 * 12 Nature Valley Nut Crunch $.50 * 20 Strawberry or Chocolate Chex Cereal $.25 * Airwick Starter Kit $.99 * 6 Kroger Yogurt $.33 * 2 Kroger Peroxide $.50 * 1 lb. Kroger Butter $1.67 * 1 Kroger Sour Cream $1


Andrew said...

Wow! I love your site. I see that you put my a link to my site on your blog! I am so honored! I'm curious to find out how you found the site.....

Care said...

I found your link on a friend's blog that I look at periodically but I can't remember which one (I have a list) when I spot it I'll let you know.

I thought the people who use my blog will be interested in your info as well.

So how did you find me? Did someone comment on your blog? I hope you don't mind the link!

I'm going to add a monthly build/update your 72 hour kit on here - my ward is just beginning it.

Keep your blog going because "People want to know"!

Care said...

My friend Cindee just emailed this to me and I was so proud; only two weeks into it, I wanted to share . . .

"Hey Carrie, Just wanted to let you know that I went shopping at Albertsons first time using Grocery Smarts.

Sub Total $421.11
Total Cost $221.35

Bonus Buys ($18.37)
Preferred Card Savings ($135.66)
MFG Coupons ($37.75)
Store Coupons ($7.98)
Total Savings $199.76

Plus I got $10.00 off next purchase and 4 free movie passes - for a Grand Total of $240.00 Savings!

Pretty exciting - thanks for introducing me to Grocery Smarts."


Care said...

Hey Andrew,

Never mind about how you found me, I figured it out - you'll notice I now have that feature on my blog - very fun!

Thanks AGAIN,

PS I really enjoyed your newest post

Jeni said...

OOOOOO..I love your live traffic feed! I always wonder if people look at my blog as much as I look at theirs! :) You must have bought all the Sun Chips last week..because they were out when I went! But we did get tons of yummy granola bars & cereal. I used my strawberry chex in the rice crispie treat recipe (instead of rice crispies...duh :)) & added white chocolate chips and it was quite good! I can't wait to see what this weeks deals are!