Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Classes on Thursday - You are Welcome to come!

I have 3 Grocerysmart classes scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, May 29th. 2 of which are at my home and anyone is welcome to come.

One is at 10:00 a.m. Moms with little kids are bringing them to play outside.

The other one is at 9:30 PM - this class has worked well also.

I am teaching a class at 7:00 PM and I know my friend wouldn't mind more visitors, so if that one suits you let me know.

Leave a comment and I'll check periodically - those who have my number, give me a ring!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Macey's Does a Checkbook Good!

I haven't been to Macey's for ages. I went today and got some great deals! I purchased other items not listed. These were just the coupon buys.

Subtotal: $37.48
Total Savings from Coupons: ($27.00)
Total Cost $10.48

6 pkg Farmland link sausage $.25 * 4 cans Bush's Baked Beans $.50 * 7 46oz jars Nalley Dill Pickles $.79 * 5 Solo Paper Plates & Bowls $.29

Friday, May 23, 2008


I dropped by Smith's in Brigham City last night to pick up a lunch item for today (Kindergarten field trip - my last one) and when I walked in the Coke products greeted me. I had been interested in this deal but not large enough to make a special trip, but here I was. We are much soda drinkers (a coke for a headache and Tim likes Dr. Pepper after a 20+ mile run) but I was excited to see the pink lemonade and orangeade on sale also.

5 - 12 packs $12 - that's $2.40 a pack,

$.20 a can plus 2 free boxes of Cheez-its

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Minute at Albertsons - better hurry

Phew! I barely made it. Last week was SSOOO busy I didn't get to the grocery store, but as fate would have it, it was a bonus! Sunday, May 18th, paper had some coupons that added to this week's deals!

I bought a lot of laundry detergent yesterday. I am not accustomed to using liquid but I am now going to be for a while. My sister-in-law says ALL works really well.

Price Comparison:
Tide (at Sam's) $27.49 for 180 loads = $.15 a load
ALL Small and Mighty (at Albertsons w/coupon) $1.00 for 32 loads = $.03 a load
ALL x2 (at Albertsons with coupon) $1.50 for 32 loads = $.04 a load
If you don't have coupons from 4/20 it would be 2.00 a bottle (after spending $15) = $.06 a load - still a great deal.

I won't lie to you - this weeks took me an hour and a half to get my list and coupons clipped (printer problems didn't help any).

They didn't have everything I wanted. You might want to call the store of your choosing and see if they have the main items in stock (ie ALL, Ken's dressing, Lawry's) I'm going to try a different store today for the items they didn't have at Layton.

Here is what I got:

Subtotal: $316.69
Preferred Savings: ($196.83)
Coupons: ($47.30)
Total Cost: $72.56 A total savings of $244.13

12 Lawrys Marinade $.17 * 5 Wishbone Salad Dressing $.63 * 6 Best Foods Mayo $1.27 * 2 Knorr Pasta Sides $.30 * 6 Ken's Salad Dressing FREE * 2 Snuggle Fab Softener $1* 11 ALL Small & Mighty $1 * 4 ALL 2x Detergent $1 * 16 Tic Tacs $.23 * 4 7UP 2 liters $.50 * 1 Breyers Individual $1 * 2 Breyers Icecream $2 * 4 S&W Black Beans $.50 * 1 Bertolli Olive Oil $4.01 * 1 Lawrys Seasoning Salt $1 * 1 Planters Trail Mix $1 * 2 Lipton Onion Soup Mix $.67 * 1 pair polka dot flip flops $6.99

I use Wishbone Italian Salad dressing in a favorite pasta salad recipe and 7up in chicken/turkey marinades for the summer BBQs. Hopefully all those other marinades will come in handy for BBQs as well. Best Foods is a staple in the Petersen clan (my family) and the Tic Tacs will probably be found in Emi's B-day take home bag this summer. A for the black beans, I am using them in my Black Bean Hummus I am making for my dinner group. Check out the recipe on my dinner group blog.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

91 Boxes of Cereal on the Wall

91 boxes of cereal for only $5.46
This is my trophy purchase so far. . .

I've been wanting to post my photo and haven't had time. This was a sale a month ago at Albertsons. 7 Boxes for $4.00 and then I had a coupon for $4 off of 4 boxes. All I had to pay was $.42 tax. It was one of those sales where you had to pay after each group of 7. I unfortunately didn't have any cash. 13 Transactions later, I was joyfully driving home. . .

I was so proud. Tim was even bragging to people about me. Well, when one's head gets a little enlarged, BEWARE!

I purchased these items on payday and you know how sometimes it takes a day for the check to "process". To make a long, dreary story short - I had no money in my account. The following week I got 13 notices in my mail. I had been charge $18.00 for EACH $.42 transaction (luckily they paid Albertsons). AAAHHHH! $196.00 later.

I regretfully phoned Tim (that is the really scary part). He was actually really good about it. I think he was in shock. He took care of me. He talked with a branch manager from our credit union that just happened in his office. She thought the story was so funny; she went right back to her office and refunded all the fees. PHEW.

This week at Albertsons!!

Subtotal: $217.48
Preferred Savings: ($172.75)
Coupons: ($46.95)
Total Cost: $44.78 A total savings of $172.70

2 Breyer Icecream $2.77 * 3 Nabisco Snack Sacks * 2 Fruity Cheerios $.25 * 2 Lucky Charms $.45 * 4 Fruit Snacks $.70 * 1 Fiber One Bars $1.00 * 1 Cookie Mix $.50 * 24 variety of Golden Grahams, Cocoa Puffs Reeses Puffs, Cookie Crisp,& Kix Cereal $.50 * 6 Chex Mix $.50 * 12 Yoplait Yogurts $.32 * 2 Dove Chocolates $1.25 * 2 Hershey Bliss $1.25 * 2 Lunchables $1.38 * 1 Deli Creation $.75 * Oscar Meyer Hotdogs $1.50

I have extra Dove (buy one get one free) and Hershey coupons and Yoplait coupons