Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sugar, Sugar!

You'll find a deal on sugar at Albertsons this week

C&H granulated sugar 5 lb. on sale for $2.50.
Save $3 instantly when you for every $10 you spend on participating items. Bringing the price down to $1.75
Then use your coupon: C&H Sugar product, 2 lbs. or larger .35/1 Red Plum dated 8/17
Final price is $1.40 for 5 lbs.
If you had 5 coupons you then could buy 25 lbs. for $7!

Ain't that sweet! And there's plenty more deals where that came from at Grocerysmarts

Friday, September 19, 2008

THE Store to shop at

I found it! The Albertsons that is fully stocked with all the sale items - and on Friday night no less. . . .


and here I sit in my Park City Marriott condo without my coupons or a printer URRRRRRRRGH!

Oh well. Does anyone know anyone in Park City that I can teach how to use coupons and to save loads of money, cuz no one is shopping the sales up here. All these good deals just going to waste.

For those of you near a printer and want Malt O Meal for only a quarter, yes, that's $.25
Go to these links to print a coupon at each:
Link & Link & Link & Link & Link **
FYI - photocopying coupons is fraud AND we don't want these benefits to stop
**These are the same links you will find at

And if I were shopping, I would also get the IN-AD coupon for the oreos - 2 for $3 and save them for Christmas desserts, and the IN-AD coupon for the Free Tree Top Apple Juice just in case I actually spend $25.
Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato for $.40 after Sunday paper coupons dated 9/7. I would be able to get 24 cans at this price because I have 6 sets of coupons. (After $10 you get Campbell's soup label points for your favorite school)

Instead of shopping and stocking up and saving money, I blog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


No, I am not calling for my mother (although she is constantly bailing me out of some jam; i.e. watching my kids, cleaning up my kitchen, running an errand).

It's a huge Malt O Meal cereal sale at Albertsons! Great deals. Check it out on Grocerysmarts.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Smiths - 9/10 thru 9/16

These deals caught my eye this week:

No Coupons needed -
Boneless Skinless Chicken $1.59 lb
Gallon Milk $2
Kroger Mandarin Oranges $.34 each if purchased by the case

Deals with or without coupons:
Tyson's Split Chicken Breasts $1.49 lb - and with Coupon 7/20 $.55 off one pkg
Campbells Soup, tomatoe or chicken noodle - $.39 each (if you purchase 15 items) & only $.29 with coupon

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hairspray; not just a favorite movie

After Preferred Savings <$10.43> & Coupons <$12.50> & <$7.00> off next purchase -

My Grand Total was $2.93

Friday, September 5, 2008


Huggies CleanTeam Wipes (42 count) are $1.64 each at Walmart
There's a coupon in the SS 7/20 packet where you save $3 on 2.
When you buy two they each end up only being $.14 each.

That's the normal price so you don't have to rush to the store to get that deal, just go before the coupons expire!!
Also MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT WIPES! Surprisingly enough these wipes were located next to the baby oil and MaxiPads. They don't come in a hard container but rather in a little small plastic type soft package.

I don't have any little ones anymore but I keep them in my car and take them camping.

Be sure and check out the post below:

Never Fear, Albertsons & General Mills is here. Go Box Tops!

Week of 9/3 - 9/9
Most coupons this week are found online via the grocerysmarts website. So even the people who don't have all the newspaper coupons can make a killing this week.
Subtotal: $95.83
Preferred Savings: <$51.60>
Coupons: <$24.10>
Total Cost: $20.13
Total Savings: $75.70
+ Receipt for 20 Box Tops plus all the ones I cut off the items I purchased

11 Scott Bath Tissue FREE * 1 Scott Bath Tissue FREE * Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1 * Pillsbury Cinn Bites $1 *Pillsbury Crescent Roll $1 * BC Frosting $.45 * BC Muffin Mix $1 * 4 Chex Mix Bars $1 * Nature Valley Granola Bars $1 * Yoplait Kids Cups $1.50 * 4 Fiber One Bars $.90 * 2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough $1

There are a lot more good deals this week at Albertsons. I'm just overstocked from past sales and don't need or have room for many of these items.

Take note: I used my raincheck from last week for the Scott Bath Tissues. The Scott Bath Tissues have Box Tops on them. I didn't know that the last time they were on sale and so most of them are sitting at the dump. . .

Also, Albertson's has changed there policy on their RAIN CHECKS. They used to be life time but now they are 30 days.

I had a hard time finding my coupons listed as General Mills Insert 8/10; it looks like this:

P.S. Smiths is having a case lot sale - I bought a case of mandarin oranges - $.34 a can No coupon needed

* * * * * * * * * * *

Associated Foods have good sales this week, also. If any of you are carrying around rainchecks for last weeks La Victoria Salsa 12oz. (Albertsons had it for $1 and then the coupon from the paper for $.75 off two makes it $.63) That size is on sale at Associated Food stores for $.99.