Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So good to be back!

I can't believe how fun grocery shopping is. I've been out of town for two weeks and then swimming lessons have consumed my summer; plus, there haven't been any wonderful, drop everything sales lately, so I haven't done much grocery shopping. Thank goodness for food storage and previous sales.

But I am back and so have a few sales. I walked out of Albertsons remembering how good it feels to get a super deal on groceries.

Last week I didn't have time to post what I bought but I hoped the picture would inspire some of you. This week is kind of fun with the movie tickets, just a little added bonus and excuse for a couple of dates. . .

Subtotal $126.38

Preferred Savings [$48.06]

Coupons [$24.79] (includes 2 - $3.50 "use next visit")

Total: $ 53.53 Total Savings: 72.85 + 4 Movie Tickets: $32.00 = $104.85

2 Fruity Cheerios at $1.24 each * 10 Fruit Snacks 1.59 * 2 Gogurts $1.99 * 2 Suddenly Salad $1.09 * 2 Stouffers Lean Cuisine $1.88 * 2 Jalepeno Cheetos $2.00 * 1 Bisquick $1.49 * 1 Progresso Bread Crumbs $1.49 * 1 Albertsons Sour Cream $1.00 * 4 Strawberry Jello $.50 * 2 Albertsons Whip Topping * 1 lg Cottage Cheese $2.99 * 2 Albacore Tuna $1.00 * Minute Rice Ready to Serve $1.00 * 2 Friskie Cat Treats $.65 * 5 Zone Bars $.45 * 2 Fruit Snacks $ 1.74 * Covergirl Mascara and 3 pk Eyeshadow $.67

Keep in mind that the prices above is what I paid for each.

I couldn't get the Lean Cuisine coupon to print or they would have been $1.38.

I had the cashier ring up the 20 items for the movie tickets, which included the 10 fruit snacks, first, and then I paid - got my two $3.50 vouchers and then rang up the remaining items and turned around and used the vouchers to pay for the rest. (That way I won't forget to use them before they expire - done that before).

The make-up was THE BEST deal !! If you are good with Covergirl, check this out. Covergirl is on sale for 50% off and then I had a coupon for "buy the mascara called "Lash Blast" and get any eye enhancer free (any kind of eye product). So, the mascara is normally $7.99, which it rings up for. The 3 pack eyeshadow rang up for $5.29. The preferred savings gives you back $4.00 for the mascara and $2.65 for the eyeshadow. AND THEN when the cashier runs the coupon through, they give you what the eyeshadow originally rang up for - $5.29. If you do the math, the two items totaled $1.34!!!! I have 5 more coupons and I am stocking up on mascara and all colors of eyeshadow. The really nice part is that I just lost all my eye makeup at Bear Lake this last weekend. Covergirl isn't Mary Kay but it will due for now!

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