Friday, July 18, 2008


I haven't shopped this week. Not many sale items to motivate me, however, I did get a deal on something . . .


Have any of you purchased gas at Smith's? I've been noticing on my Smith's receipt, something about a penny off of gas or 5 cents off of gas and figured that wasn't much so I put it aside.

This week I was passing through the Smith's intersection in Layton and needed gas. Smith's showed there price as 2 cents cheaper so I decided to go there. When I scanned my little keychain card it brought the price down 5 more cents just for being a fresh value customer and then another 2 cents for my latest shopping bonus, so instead of $4.19 a gallon at Chevron, my gas cost me $4.10.

I only saved 9 cents a gallon but every cent counts these days!

Happy Pumping.

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Stacie said...

I was at Jen's house the night you presented. I've used this program a few times and it is great (just saved $91 at Albertson's today). My only thought for you is to recommend not shopping the last day of the add unless you have time to get rain-checks. So many items are gone by then...FYI and Thank you so much!