Saturday, May 24, 2008

Macey's Does a Checkbook Good!

I haven't been to Macey's for ages. I went today and got some great deals! I purchased other items not listed. These were just the coupon buys.

Subtotal: $37.48
Total Savings from Coupons: ($27.00)
Total Cost $10.48

6 pkg Farmland link sausage $.25 * 4 cans Bush's Baked Beans $.50 * 7 46oz jars Nalley Dill Pickles $.79 * 5 Solo Paper Plates & Bowls $.29


Emily said...

Care, am I crazy or were there no coupon packets in Sunday's paper? I have looked through it twice and there are all kinds of ads, but no coupon packets.

Care said...

You are correct. They aren't delivered in holiday papers. Sometimes I vacation my paper on holiday weekends and credit my account but I had so many problems with my paper since that I decided not to do it this holiday. . . it wasn't worth it.