Friday, May 23, 2008


I dropped by Smith's in Brigham City last night to pick up a lunch item for today (Kindergarten field trip - my last one) and when I walked in the Coke products greeted me. I had been interested in this deal but not large enough to make a special trip, but here I was. We are much soda drinkers (a coke for a headache and Tim likes Dr. Pepper after a 20+ mile run) but I was excited to see the pink lemonade and orangeade on sale also.

5 - 12 packs $12 - that's $2.40 a pack,

$.20 a can plus 2 free boxes of Cheez-its


spintzdee said...

Hey all you sausage lovers! Tennessee Pride 1lb tube of sausage is on sale for $.99 at Maceys AND there are coupons lying around for $.55 off any Tennessee Pride product.(I gathered 10!) If they are out of the sausage they will give you a rain check for the amount that you choose. (I filled it out for 20 and they didn't seem to mind!)
- Heidi

Care said...

Thanks Heidi! Also Paper plates are on sale at Macey's $.25 a package, for the good ones - if you're going there for sausage, you should stock up on paper plates, and pickles too.