Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Minute at Albertsons - better hurry

Phew! I barely made it. Last week was SSOOO busy I didn't get to the grocery store, but as fate would have it, it was a bonus! Sunday, May 18th, paper had some coupons that added to this week's deals!

I bought a lot of laundry detergent yesterday. I am not accustomed to using liquid but I am now going to be for a while. My sister-in-law says ALL works really well.

Price Comparison:
Tide (at Sam's) $27.49 for 180 loads = $.15 a load
ALL Small and Mighty (at Albertsons w/coupon) $1.00 for 32 loads = $.03 a load
ALL x2 (at Albertsons with coupon) $1.50 for 32 loads = $.04 a load
If you don't have coupons from 4/20 it would be 2.00 a bottle (after spending $15) = $.06 a load - still a great deal.

I won't lie to you - this weeks took me an hour and a half to get my list and coupons clipped (printer problems didn't help any).

They didn't have everything I wanted. You might want to call the store of your choosing and see if they have the main items in stock (ie ALL, Ken's dressing, Lawry's) I'm going to try a different store today for the items they didn't have at Layton.

Here is what I got:

Subtotal: $316.69
Preferred Savings: ($196.83)
Coupons: ($47.30)
Total Cost: $72.56 A total savings of $244.13

12 Lawrys Marinade $.17 * 5 Wishbone Salad Dressing $.63 * 6 Best Foods Mayo $1.27 * 2 Knorr Pasta Sides $.30 * 6 Ken's Salad Dressing FREE * 2 Snuggle Fab Softener $1* 11 ALL Small & Mighty $1 * 4 ALL 2x Detergent $1 * 16 Tic Tacs $.23 * 4 7UP 2 liters $.50 * 1 Breyers Individual $1 * 2 Breyers Icecream $2 * 4 S&W Black Beans $.50 * 1 Bertolli Olive Oil $4.01 * 1 Lawrys Seasoning Salt $1 * 1 Planters Trail Mix $1 * 2 Lipton Onion Soup Mix $.67 * 1 pair polka dot flip flops $6.99

I use Wishbone Italian Salad dressing in a favorite pasta salad recipe and 7up in chicken/turkey marinades for the summer BBQs. Hopefully all those other marinades will come in handy for BBQs as well. Best Foods is a staple in the Petersen clan (my family) and the Tic Tacs will probably be found in Emi's B-day take home bag this summer. A for the black beans, I am using them in my Black Bean Hummus I am making for my dinner group. Check out the recipe on my dinner group blog.


Staci said...

I find that I miss alot. I love looking to see what you buy. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

meegz said...

I did this last wednesday AM. I got everything I needed/wanted and saved about the same ratio as you. It's been GREAT!:) Thanks for the updates.