Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 080808! Celebrate at Smiths!

I got all of this for (BOTTOM LINE): $7.90! Subtotal: $64.64
Fresh Values: ($23.04)
Total Cost: $17.90
Rebate: ($10.00)
Total Savings: $56.74
ToTAl: $7.90

2 FiberOne $1.00 * 2 FiberOne $.40 * 4 Maltomeal Cereal FREE * 4 Poptarts $1 * 4 Fruit shapes $1 * 2 Keebler Cookies $1.38 * 6 Electra gelpacks $.74 (makes them $.04 a load) These prices are before the rebate

In the TASTE coupon section, where you find the Kellogg's coupons, you will find a rebate for $10 if you purchase 10 Kellogg's items.

Before you put away your groceries, prepare and mail in your rebate. I find if I don't do it immediately, I lose something that needs to be sent in or I forget. Every penny seems to count more these days.


Staci said...

THANK YOU! You are the best. I love shopping after you!

The Bissenden's: said...

where is the taste coupon section? sorry, i'm new and still figuring it out.

Martinez Family said...

What is the taste coupon section??

Care said...

I don't know if you are all on my email list - I send info that route.

The Taste section was stuck inside the Red Plum dated 8/3.

Happy Shopping