Friday, September 5, 2008

Never Fear, Albertsons & General Mills is here. Go Box Tops!

Week of 9/3 - 9/9
Most coupons this week are found online via the grocerysmarts website. So even the people who don't have all the newspaper coupons can make a killing this week.
Subtotal: $95.83
Preferred Savings: <$51.60>
Coupons: <$24.10>
Total Cost: $20.13
Total Savings: $75.70
+ Receipt for 20 Box Tops plus all the ones I cut off the items I purchased

11 Scott Bath Tissue FREE * 1 Scott Bath Tissue FREE * Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1 * Pillsbury Cinn Bites $1 *Pillsbury Crescent Roll $1 * BC Frosting $.45 * BC Muffin Mix $1 * 4 Chex Mix Bars $1 * Nature Valley Granola Bars $1 * Yoplait Kids Cups $1.50 * 4 Fiber One Bars $.90 * 2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough $1

There are a lot more good deals this week at Albertsons. I'm just overstocked from past sales and don't need or have room for many of these items.

Take note: I used my raincheck from last week for the Scott Bath Tissues. The Scott Bath Tissues have Box Tops on them. I didn't know that the last time they were on sale and so most of them are sitting at the dump. . .

Also, Albertson's has changed there policy on their RAIN CHECKS. They used to be life time but now they are 30 days.

I had a hard time finding my coupons listed as General Mills Insert 8/10; it looks like this:

P.S. Smiths is having a case lot sale - I bought a case of mandarin oranges - $.34 a can No coupon needed

* * * * * * * * * * *

Associated Foods have good sales this week, also. If any of you are carrying around rainchecks for last weeks La Victoria Salsa 12oz. (Albertsons had it for $1 and then the coupon from the paper for $.75 off two makes it $.63) That size is on sale at Associated Food stores for $.99.

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angie b said...

We stocked up on the Salsa Carrie! We are starting to get stocked back up....