Friday, September 19, 2008

THE Store to shop at

I found it! The Albertsons that is fully stocked with all the sale items - and on Friday night no less. . . .


and here I sit in my Park City Marriott condo without my coupons or a printer URRRRRRRRGH!

Oh well. Does anyone know anyone in Park City that I can teach how to use coupons and to save loads of money, cuz no one is shopping the sales up here. All these good deals just going to waste.

For those of you near a printer and want Malt O Meal for only a quarter, yes, that's $.25
Go to these links to print a coupon at each:
Link & Link & Link & Link & Link **
FYI - photocopying coupons is fraud AND we don't want these benefits to stop
**These are the same links you will find at

And if I were shopping, I would also get the IN-AD coupon for the oreos - 2 for $3 and save them for Christmas desserts, and the IN-AD coupon for the Free Tree Top Apple Juice just in case I actually spend $25.
Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato for $.40 after Sunday paper coupons dated 9/7. I would be able to get 24 cans at this price because I have 6 sets of coupons. (After $10 you get Campbell's soup label points for your favorite school)

Instead of shopping and stocking up and saving money, I blog.


Emily said...

OH, I wish I were in Park City, because the stores down here are driving me CRAZY - they are OUT of everything!! Let me tell you the steal I got on the Powerade Zero at Albertsons too. 240 bottles of powerade for $11.54 that is 16 cases with 15 per case. We won't be thirsty for a while.

Also, do you have a yummy recipe for a holiday dessert using oreos? I will buy more if you have a good recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I just found your blog and I'm wondering if you can teach me! I don't exactly know where to start and would love some help with the coupons

My email is

Care said...

Hey Emily - I'm in Park City again but when I get home I'll send you some recipes with oreos.

Sarah Kay said...

LOL! When I was in Park City over the summer on family vacation I went to Albertsons too. I found all of their Ranch Pasta Salad mixes on sale for $.79 with each box having a peelie for $.50 off on the front. I bought every box they had for $.31 each and hauled them back to Las Vegas with me.:)