Friday, September 5, 2008


Huggies CleanTeam Wipes (42 count) are $1.64 each at Walmart
There's a coupon in the SS 7/20 packet where you save $3 on 2.
When you buy two they each end up only being $.14 each.

That's the normal price so you don't have to rush to the store to get that deal, just go before the coupons expire!!
Also MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT WIPES! Surprisingly enough these wipes were located next to the baby oil and MaxiPads. They don't come in a hard container but rather in a little small plastic type soft package.

I don't have any little ones anymore but I keep them in my car and take them camping.

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Care said...

I bought 16 packages of the Clean Team wipes for $2.24!! The Riverdale Super Walmart only had one left so I stopped at the Clinton Walmart and they had oodles. I rung it up at a self-serve and when I was finished it said "quantity limit" but the girl running the area just scanned her employee card and hand entered all 8 of my coupons. Voila!

Emily said...

I must have just wiped the Riverdale store out before you got there...seriously I only left one package. That is such a good deal I ended up getting 40 of those coupons from ebay. I spent $10 and got 40 coupons so my bottom line price for 80 pkgs ended up being .27, still a screaming deal and I am sooooo stocked.